KalachakraSeraHere are some brief descriptions of the 12 houses and what they mean to astrologers. We will start with the 10th house — the house of clear, practical vision.

Tenth house. Career. Practical talents. Ideals. Where you see most clearly, clairvoyance. Thus your particular management, practical vision, and supervisory skills. Where you can see to do.

Eleventh house. Larger goals. Putting ideas to work. Impersonal drive to realize your ideals. Working with others in groups, organization, friends. Planning. Humanitarian, community to improve.

Twelfth house. Limits, confines, hidden faults. Therefore confinement, prisons, dues, karma. Attitude, psychology, acceptance, sacrifice, forbearance.

First house. News, impulse, start. Live action, what’s “happening” or fresh. The way you come across, thus appearance, persona, head, identity.

Second house. Possessions, money. How you receive, have, value, or embody things.

Third house. Searches, investigations, inquiries, explorations. Communications — thinking, writing, letters, gossip, media.

Fourth house. Home and property. Environment, sensate body, experience, heart of the matter. Prime of life or center of an experience — body, incarnation. Finding.

Fifth house. Awareness, pride, self-discovery. Self-expression, emotions, stepping-out. Offspring, creations, teaching, acting, playing. Sports.

Sixth house. Maintenance, salvage, conservation, purity, harvesting, service, repair. Working for others. Analytical skills. Health and sickness. Detailed work, crafts.

Seventh house. Your marriage, partner, union, and yoga. Compassion, response. Spirit of cooperation.

Eighth house. Obligations, debts and assets, excess, death. Initiation, purification, purgatory. Dross, furnace.

Ninth house. Seed essence, bare facts, relics, religion, philosophy. Enduring thoughts, ideas. Long thoughts, long journeys.